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How Many Inches Do you Need To Please A Woman


Does Penis Size Really Matter during Sex?, How many Inches Do you need to Please a woman, how many inches can a woman take comfortably, how many inches is good enough for a woman and many more questions have been asked online by men who feel or might have been humiliated by their penis size during sex.

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Studies have shown that men care more about penis size to women. Most Men do feel that having the giant cock deep in a woman’s pussy makes her feel better during sex but the question is Does a bigger penis mean better sex?

In 2016 some confessions were made by women through an article when the penis is waaaay too big you might also find that interesting. Beside that, we shall be answering your questions in this article “How many Inches Do you need to Please a woman”

It’s just a general question almost every man want to know both the ones with big cocks, Average, small or even extra-large 👽

Lets Fucking take a trip to the sex City and glance through the whole magazines. I am very sure you want to know what’s written all over the headlines “The Bigger The Better” that’s what the whole headlines in the sex magazines look likes and to men who got smaller dick they feel bad, discouraged and mocked.


  • The Average Size of Male Organ
  • The Average Size of Female Organ
  • The Penis Size and Vagina
  • How many Inches Do you need to Please a woman
  • Satisfying Your Woman in Bed

The Average Size of Male Organ

Now, Did You Know That The Average Penis Size is Just 5Inches (i mean when erect not even when flaccid) you still want to read this from other reliable sources? Check out The Journal of sexual medicine here for confirmation. (smiles) that’s your current status having confirmed that you aren’t left behind.

You should be wondering now with questions like “Does it mean My penis size currently can do better and make any woman feel good?” the answer is Yes, and No as penis Size don’t matter during sex so long you didn’t go below the Average size of five inches.

The ability to satisfy any woman in Bed all depends on your ability to use the penis that you’ve got well. Same reason you see women who complain of their husbands/dates not doing well in bed even with their massive cock. So the answer to the question “How Many Inches Do You Need To Please A Woman” is given above as 5Inches at least for better and quicker orgasm as that’s the average penis size of male organ according to research.

Is that all you need to know about this headline?

Does it mean you can’t satisfy a woman when you have bigger dick or smaller ones than the Average?

You still have more to learn. Read below as we land on the conclusion of the matter but before then I sense a silent voice asked “How can I know the size of my penis” You can check out guides to measure your penis size here.

Average Size Of Female Organ

It’s a common saying among men “she got a very deep pussy oh my God” She got a shallow pussy I couldn’t go further, she got a tight pussy I wasn’t fit, etc”You hear different partner with various complains which shows every pussy varies in size and depth just like the penis does.

Based on different individuals, the Vagina depth is measured around 3.77 to 7 Inches which means The Average penis size is longer than the depth of Average pussy this keeps you in another wonder how come sex with the Average dick seem comfortable “We shall be explaining this below.

The Penis And Vagina During Sex

During sex, as the penis enlarge so also the vagina when the woman gets aroused. The more she get aroused the deeper and the more she’s likely to take the whole of your dick.

The Cervix Can be hit During Sex even though she’s aroused when your penis is passed Average or massive cock. She might succeed in taking them all but will feel pain as the cervix is sensitive to other parts of her body so he get shocked as the tip of your penis keep hitting her cervix thereby keeping her uncomfortable.

The Vagina Enlarge and adapt to any penis size. Your small penis fit her but when the large dick man come, he’s also fitted. “All in the same pussy” that’s what the vagina looks like.

How Many Inches Do You Need To Please A Woman

Studies has shown, 5 inches penis is an Average penis and can please any woman in bed when properly used

Like we have earlier stated, Satisfying a woman In Bed does not necessarily depend on the length and size of Your penis but how well you use your penis irrespective of the size.

Men with small/Average penis even tend to do better (strange but true) ask some girls around you. But I am very sure you still want to hear from me so read below.

  • Vagina Stimulation: For you to stimulate the Vagina, you only need to go around 2 to 3 inches deep which i am very sure your penis can do unless you are abnormal or affected by some penis illness (🙄) sorry to say.
  • The Penis Size The 5 inches size is well designed to fit any pussy size (deep or shallow) for easy penetration and without pain. No girl loves it when their cervix is been hit by their partner’s penis thereby giving them pain instead of pleasure.

    The Average penis size got control over the pussy as it can fit in any condition. (stop believing in saying like “big dick are meant to reach where small dicks don’t)

    The main reason why guys prefer big penis. But what’s the essence of Making her run from you during sex instead of keeping her happy.

So if Your penis size is around 5 to 6 inches then you should know you are having the perfect penis size instead of looking down on yourself.

But My Penis is still Small And I need to Add-up some inches

You are likely to get this feeling of having a small dick based on the current partner You are dealing with.

Some girls have trained themselves and have formed the habit of taking long dicks so they hardly get satisfied with small or even Average dick unless when properly used with good sex skills.

When you got such partners who easily get beaten by Average dick size, You may have the feeling of adding some extra inches to Please her in Bed. Or better still learn more about the act of sex and satisfaction as your current penis size can always do better.

However, We still have some means/Pills/Herbs through which You can add some inches to your dick without Any side effects. Note: they won’t give you massive cocks like one of those porn stars because this is not penis surgery which goes with many side effects such as pain during erection, Heart attack, vomiting etc, but will increase your penis size with 2 to 2.1 inches without any side effects.

You can reach us through the contact page or use the WhatsApp button on this page for price, payment and delivery negotiation.

Conclusion: How Many Inches Do You Need To Please A Woman

So far you have learned that 5 inches is the average penis size and can be used to satisfy any kind of woman if properly used with good sex skills.

Also, Penis Size got nothing to do sex pleasure so long it doesn’t go far below the average size. What matters most is the man behind the penis (how well he’s able to use it).

Sex is meant for pleasure, not for pain. Your aim should be making your woman feel good not putting her in pain.


A Woman’s vagina may not return to its original size after Childbirth. Which means women who already have children are likely to have wider pussy. Continue Reading

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